Generic Orlistat

Orlistat is a generic of Xenical that is a medication contains Orlistat, but its capsules have a different name on them (not Xenical) which depends on the country of the generic drug production. To date, we know of at least three different generic Orlistat brands:

1. Xenical, produced by the Swiss company Roche since 1999.
2. Alli, produced by the American company GlaxoSmithKline since 2007.
3. Orsoten, produced by the Slovenian company Krka since 2009.
4. Obelit produced by Indian manufactures.

How Effective is Generic Orlistat

The main purpose of clinical trials that were conducted in Russia in 2009 was to compare the effectiveness of generic Orlistat and original brand Xenical that was more familiar to obese patients.

Krka, the leading generic company from Slovenia, spent 12 weeks studying the difference between Xenical produced by the Swiss company Roche and Krka’s own brand Orsoten, each pill of which contained 120 mg of Orlistat, the chemical substance that was included in Xenical produced by the Swiss company and Alli produced by the American company GlaxoSmithKline.168 patients (both men and women 18+ years old) were divided into two equal groups: Xenical group and Orlistat group. Their weight reduction results are shown in the table below:

Brand Xenical vs Generic Orlistat – Clinical Trial on 169 Patients
Weight Reduction Generic Orlistat

Xenical Brand

Less 5% 44 (52,4%) 41 (48,8%)
From 5% to 10% 34 (40,5%) 38 (45,2%)
More 10% 6 (7,1%) 5 (5,9%)
As the table shows, the results of these clinical trials have proved that generic Orlistat is nearly as effective as original Xenical.